Since commencing business in 1995, Trimfix has become a well established and trusted company. We are New Zealand's leading repairer of leather, vinyl, plastic and fabric trim, servicing the automotive, furniture, marine and aviation industries. The business prides itself on top quality and exceptional service. 

The company provides licenses to operators that work within geographical regions. Operators are working as a mobile business out of their vehicles and have access to the Trimfix workshop in Manukau City. The differentiation between Trimfix and existing competition is not only intellectual property but also in the products that Trimfix use. The intellectual property among those operating the Trimfix product/service is a key standout among its competition. The techniques used with the materials that are to be repaired have been proven to provide the best results.

Support and Training

In Trimfix you run your own business but not alone. The head office is always available to help with difficult or challenging repairs. Our director has over 23 years experience and is particular about using only the best products and techniques available to ensure a happy customer relationship and long-term success. This success begins with good solid initial training that begins in our workshop and continues onsite within your territory.

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  • Opportunity to work in a flexible, rewarding business with great earning potential

  • Thorough initial job training (no experience required) and excellent ongoing support to enable growth and success

  • Tools, materials, stationery, uniforms provided by Trimfix

  • No working capital is required and the running costs of the business are very low due to it being a mobile business

  • Strictly Monday to Friday business, able to work weekends if further income or flexibility is required


Current Opportunities

For the right person, opportunities to run a Trimfix business exists in Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson and Dunedin. Current operators enjoy a great work life balance with a good income.

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